Cameroon: PCC Moderator calls for prayers against electoral fraud

As Cameroonians get set to go to the polls on October 7, the moderator of the Presbyterian church in Cameroon, Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel has called on Christians of the Church to come together and pray for the future of the country.

The prayers which began on Sunday, September 30 and will end on Monday, October 8.

In a letter the moderator sent out to churches across the nation, he asked Christians to pray for; divine guidance from God for the nation and its political future, the campaigns, the promises made by the candidates that when they are elected the promises shall be fulfilled, peace love and security of the country, before during and after the elections.

He added that Christians should also pray against electoral fraud of any kind, manipulation and rigging.

Pastors and Christians can pray either at home or together in church provided their security is guaranteed.

October 7 poll

9 candidates are Campaigning for next Sunday’s vote in a tense environment, especially in the English-speaking regions where separatists have said the regions will not be part of the vote.

The 2018 presidential election comes at a time when Cameroon is faced with several challenges; a separatist movement in its two English-speaking Northwest and Southwest regions and Boko Haram attacks in the North.


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