Cameroon: Social media influencer Steve Fah injured after BAS attack

A widely-shared video on social media shows Steve Fah, a social media influencer being attacked by a group of Cameroonians in the diaspora called Brigade Anti-Sardinards (BAS). 

The influencer had earlier announced a meet and greet event with Cameroonian students and workers residing in Belgium on social media. 

During the meeting one of the attendees poured a white substance on him (probably flour). 

Seconds after that the video showed Steve Fah on the floor being kicked and beaten. 

A BAS member was seen in the video saying their movement is responsible for what happened to the social media influencer. 

BAS is an anti-government movement based in Europe. 

They’ve over the years attacked government officials with flour. 

Some Cameroonians have taken to social media to sympathize with Steve Fah. 


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