Cameroon: Tchiroma calls the International Crisis Group a “gossip group”

Cameroons Minister of Communications Issa Tchiroma Bakari, on Tuesday the 24th of October 2017, held a press conference in Yaoundé, to address the latest report of the International Crisis Group, on the crisis prevailing in the North-West and South-West Regions.

Tchiroma blasted the International Crisis Group (ICG) as an “agency of destabilization,” after its October 19 report notably called on Cameroon to rethink a policy of “murderous repression” that, it warned, could lead to an “armed uprising”.

He accused the ICG of engaging itself in “a real accusation, made up of baseless and ungrounded facts and accusations, without any relation to reality,” adding that the report is “pure gossip, instead of an objective report based on observation and a contradictory analysis of the situation.”

His backing was the ICG has never paid a visit to the scene of events and collects information from misleading and less credible NGO’s.

Prospects of a Federal State

The Minister said the debate on federalism is obviously not a taboo in Cameroon, given that certain prominent political parties have included it in their programmes. He explained that Cameroonians during the last presidential elections expressed that they did not want a federal state but were in support of national integration.

“As an illustration, during the last presidential election, the President of the Republic, who’s unitary State, is included in his political philosophy, canvassed nearly 78% of the vote, whereas the first opposition party whose federalism constitutes the leitmotiv scored slightly over 10% of the votes,” he said.

“Whatever the case, should there be any Cameroonian thinking that the federal state might be brought back, then he should merely canvass for votes in any election.”


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