Cameroon: Tchiroma says Mass killings of civilians on October 1st are allegations

Cameroons Minister of Communications Issa Tchiroma Bakari, on Tuesday the 10th of October 2017, invited journalists to a press conference in Yaoundé to present a clarification on October 1st.

He termed information that has been disseminated concerning the mass killings of populations in the north-west and south-west regions as misleading and ungrounded allegations. He also termed the activities of October 1st an “Anglophone genocide” as a result of violent extremism.

He added that the secessionist had planned for the occasion by getting weaponry to prepare for a massacre on the 1st of October and armed attacks were planned to be launched. However the government discovered this and acted timely, by intervening thus limiting the loss of life even though the troops were often harassed by armed assailants.

Reacting to the use of life bullets on civilians during protests, his words were “Let it be crystal clear, once and for all that no protest on this occasion was repressed to the use of life bullets by the law enforcement unit.”

“As earlier stated, apart from the 5 inmates that died as a result to escape from the Kumbo prison, the others were killed as a result of legitimately self defense when separatists opened fire on them from bushes with all sorts of weapons.”

He added that the death toll of civilians is at 10. And that the death toll is very far from the whimsical and false report given by some organizations an evil intention to destabilize Cameroon.

Concerning the solutions of the crisis, Tchiroma said secession will never be on the agenda of dialogue in the country.

Reaction of the president on the killings

President Pual Biya sympathizes with innocent October 1st victims

Mr. Tchiroma briefed that “the head of states Paul Biya sympathizes with the families that lost their loved ones,” adding that “these innocent victims were sacrificed on the altar of the diabolic aims of a handful of power hungry extremist driven by violence and terror; manipulated drugged and placed under unscrupulous propaganda, these compatriots who have lost their lives by the stupidity of others deserve the compassion and solidarity of the entire nation; for the only enemies who are worth fighting in this crisis are those who are stranded abroad and are exposing innocent lives to danger.”

Catholic Bishops accused of endorsing secession

Reacting to Cameroon’s bishops call for urgent action to deter a “growing genocide” he said “it is surprising and unconceivable that the moral authorities who are supposed to be above the quarrel find themselves in the arena championing those who deliberately choose to breach the constitution and the law of the republic to incite people to question their citizenship and their secret duty for respect of the law and authority of the state.”



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