Cameroon: Voting on October 7, the only way out of the Anglophone Crisis – Joshua Osih

Cameroon’s presidential aspirant and flagbearer for the Social Democratic Front, has said the only way out of the anglophone crisis in Cameroon is to vote for a change on October 7, 2018.
During a press briefing in Akwa, on August 15, he informed the media the problem the country is facing is a political one, which can be solved if there is a change at the Etoudi Palace.
According to the SDF MP Cameroonians are tired of the system in place that is why they are taking arms against one other; the examples he cited were the far north the north west and the south west regions, and that president Paul biya is responsible for every Cameroonian who has been killed. He also mentioned the President Biya is the least popular candidate among all of those that ELECAM has retained on the list.
During the press briefing the candidate also spoke about the possibility of a coalition with another party; one which will not necessarily mean giving the SDF up. He mentioned that he has been working closely with all the presidential aspirants on the list ELECAM just released, but for one; which is the incumbent.
He also spoke about a possible meet up in the future days with Franklin Ndifor Afanwi of the Cameroon National Citizen Movement.
The Cameroonian MP also spoke about the presence of international foreign observers who have been working with Cameroon, and who are going to continue working with them closely to observe polls, but then he said observers are just observers, what really matters on the vote day are the voters willingness to come out and vote.
Concerning the Cameroonian refugees who also have the right to vote but are displaced, SDF’s flag bearer made a comparison between Cameroonian refugees and the central African republic’s refugees who voted for a president in despite the fact that they were hit by a crisis. Responding to a question on how willing they are to vote, Mr. Osih said they are because they did not choose to be in the refugee camps, the situation in the country forced them too, and so they should try to vote for change.
Mr. Osih informed the press that this is just the beginning of one of the press briefings that they will be having with the Cameroon media, the next briefing comes up in August 22, during which they will present their campaign team, and their Head Quarters.


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