Cameroon: Widespread Anger and Shock after Government Forces Torture Civilian to Near-Death in Ndu Subdivision

A civilian was tortured Thursday, by defense and security forces in Ndu, Northwest Region of Cameroon.

There has been widespread anger and shock in Cameroon after a civilian who has been named Jean Fai Bongong, was tortured by government forces to near-death in Ndu Subdivision, Northwest Region of Cameroon on February 11, 2020. 

In a video which went viral on social media over the weekend, Jean Fai Bongong was molested and tortured with a machete for almost 10 minutes by government forces.

Those torturing him poured water on his body while filming the act. They questioned him about his brother being an armed English separatist fighter.

Towards the end of the video, Mr. Fai passed out. A “lifeless body,” could be seen lying half-naked on a dirty floor… his head hanging inside a drainage.

On Saturday, the Divisional Officer for Ndu, Adamu Shuaibu Ibrahim sent a letter to the Police Commissioner, Brigade commander and the Commander of Motorised Infantry Brigades in Ndu requesting they launch disciplinary and legal measures against those who tortured Mr. Fai.

The Divisional Officer of Ndu Subdivision, did not reveal the names of those who committed the act.

Some Cameroonians see it as a step towards justice. But some observers say it is a no event.

To them crimes like this usually go unnoticed and even when reported, the right to information is never shared to the public.

This morning The Post, a bi-weekly English newspaper reported that Mr. Fai was released to his family, is confined at home and is receiving medical treatment.

The heinous act took place 3 days before the Ngarbuh massacre one-year anniversary. 23 civilians were killed by government forces in Ngarbuh, in the same subdivision where Mr. Fai was tortured.


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