Cameroon/2020 twin elections: Jean – Jacques Ekindi frowns at calls for polls boycott

The national president of the Progressive Movement Party (Mouvement Progressive, MP) says Cameroonians must elect their representatives, in February 2020 to address the difficulties and challenges the nation and the parliament is facing.

Honourable Jean – Jacques Ekindi was speaking to the media for the first time ever since the list of candidates going in for the Legislative and Municipal elections was published by the electoral board in Cameroon – ELECAM.

Hon. Ekindi told journalists at Complexe Dr. Joel Ekindi, Douala that the calls made by some opposition parties to boycott elections and the reasons given by these parties, circulating on traditional and social media are not valid, if indeed those calling for the boycott care about Cameroonians.

“In the political scene, on traditional media and social media platforms, there are passionate exchanges about the appropriateness of organizing these elections. Opinions that call for the electoral process to be suspended because of the crisis in the Northwest and Southwest Regions on the one hand, some request that the mandates of members of Parliament, Mayors and Municipal councilors be postponed until the electoral code is amended.”

“These reasons are not valid, if they care about the Cameroonian people. More so, the crises mentioned above were born, developed and aggravated during the mandates of the currently elected officials,” he said.

“As for the electoral code’s shortcomings, it has always been denounced by political actors and reforms are gradually being made.”

The former Member of Parliament says his party’s campaign theme will be centered on peace, federalism, the protection of minorities and indigenous peoples and development.

He leads the MP Party’s municipal list in Douala 1 and legislative list in Wouri Centre for the February 9 polls.


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