Cameroon/Anglophone Crisis: Camair-Co passenger aircraft attacked during landing in Bamenda


Armed men shot at Cameroon Airlines Corporation’s (Camair-Co) MA60 aircraft as it was landing at the Bamenda airport, North West Region, Sunday morning.

The scheduled flight from Douala, Littoral Region had no casualties according to a statement from the airline.

“No loss in human life was recorded and thanks to the bravery of the Captain, the aircraft was able to land smoothly despite the impact on its fuselage,” a Camair-Co press release read.

“Following the incident, the plane has been grounded in order to assess the nature of the impact in consultation with the relevant technical authorities,” it added.

“Consequently, Camair-Co’s flight schedule has been re-organised to limit any disruption that may result.”

This is the first time a passenger plane has been attacked ever since the war began in the restive English speaking regions of Cameroon in 2017.

A Cameroonian Lawyer, Barrister Akere Muna, has called the attack an outright act of international terrorism.

“Shooting at CAMAIR-CO Aircraft type MA60 in Bamenda is an outright act of international terrorism. It advances no cause, endangers innocent lives and destroys any capital of sympathy accumulated. Many of us toil day and night for justice and peace. Then this,” he tweeted.

No separatist group has claimed responsibility for the Sunday attack.


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