Cameroon/Anglophone crisis: Power restored in Bambili after 12 days

Eneo Cameroon, the national electricity company of Cameroon has restored power to hundreds of households in Bambili, Tubah Sub – Division, Northwest Region on Wednesday morning.

The area was deprived of electricity for 13 days and denizens were forced to use kerosene-fed lamps, solar lamps or generators; for those who could afford. This condition, combined with insecurity in the area as a result of the crisis, created a dead atmosphere in Bambili.

Students in Bambili were most affected by the power outage. On Monday O – Levels and A – Levels students began writing the General Certificate of Education (GCE), most of them revised in the dark. Students in the Universty of Bamenda and ENS Bambili too complained, they needed electricity for research.

They were bitter about the fact that ENEO did not consider that students were leaving in the area.

A student in Bambili revealed to Gina Informs that ENEO was punishing the area after ‘unidentified gunmen’ made away with one of their cars.

“We wondered for days why we did not have lights, we kept on calling ENEO, and they told us ‘fighters’ had stolen their car. They said the situation was going to remain like that till their car was returned,” he explained.

Another source told Gina Informs this afternoon that the car must have been returned, reason why power was restored.


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