Cameroonian Among Winners of Francophonie Prize for Young Researchers

By A.J

Alain Tchana, a young Cameroonian Researcher has made it amongst winners of the Francophonie Prize for Young Researchers Competition.

The laureate is the Director of the Department of Computer Science at the Higher Teachers Training School in Lyon, France.

He is also a lecturer in the Department of Computer Engineering if the Higher Teachers Training School, ENS Yaoundé.

This award, organized by the “Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie,” AUF aims to recognize young researchers that have impacted science.

The award takes into consideration the diversity of French-speaking space, with a focus on developing countries.

Researchers who took part were evaluated based on the criteria related to their academic and professional backgrounds, and the scientific quality of research themes among others. Alain Tchana’s research was in the field of Operating systems and Hypervisors.

The evaluation was done by a working group of experts of the AUF Scientific council. It grouped two juries, one for each field, and the winners were selected by the office of the scientific council.

The Francophonie Prize for Young Researchers is organized once every two years. It is addressed to higher education and research institutions that are part of the AUF. It covers the fields of Science and Technology, Human and Social Science.


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