Cameroonian writer Patrice Nganang liberated

The writer Patrice Nganang who was arrested on Wednesday 6 December in Douala, Cameroon for publishing an online report about a visit he made to his home country has been liberated. His report highlighted the tense situation in a region accused by President Paul Biya of being a base for terrorist groups. He was also charged with illegal immigration, death threats and forgery.

A cameroonian activists Boris Bertolt has been updating his facebook followers on┬áPatrice Nganang’s release.

While his trial was scheduled for January 19 2018, Patrice Nganang was asked to report at the Court of First Instance in Yaounde this morning. Unconfirmed reports say that the United States Embassy plays a very important role in his release.
Patrice Nganang has returned to the Maximum Security Prison in Kondengui to take his personal belongings while waiting for release papers to be signed.

Released but expelled from Cameroon

Patrice Nganang would be expelled from Cameroon at 2 pm local time. His Cameroon passport has also been seized by authorities. He has just met the director of the prison and security forces have accompanied him to the Nsimalen airport.

The destination of the flight is not yet known. Earlier in the prosecutor’s office, Nganang’s lawyer, Mr. Simh met the director of the judicial police as well as his deputy who told him that Nganang is an American and should not be on the streets of Cameroon illegally.



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