Cameroonians Concerned as Food Prices Soar in the Markets

By A.J

The aftermath of the Africa Cup of Nations tournament organized by Cameroon has been a sharp increase in food items and other basic commodities.

The most affected of them is wheat flour, which has increased by almost 25%. This in turn has meant that general prices of foodstuff like bread have soared.

The price of eggs has equally experienced the price hikes. An egg previously sold at 75frs is now generally sold at 100frs in the markets.

With a quarter of the average Cameroonians dependent on these basic items, the cost of living has become increasingly high for low-income earners.

With the ever-rising prices, Cameroon’s Minister of Trade Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana has nevertheless remained mute to the changes.

His verbal statement concerning the prices on the Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV remained plain and cryptic, “…there has been no increase in prices of flour and bread.”

In contrast, a 50kg bag of flour formerly sold at 19,000frs is now sold at 23,000frs. The change has spiraled down to other basic items.

Cameroon’s Union of Consumers (COC) has addressed correspondence to bakeries and the state of Cameroon. In the letter, the COC reiterated that the price increments are illegal, and should be brought down.

The COC also warned that the state will have itself to blame if it witnessed a backlash from the masses about these prices.

Cameroonians have spared no efforts in showing their discontent via social media on the general price hikes in the country.

Many have accused the state and of having no empathy for citizens on social media.

“If they care, let them add the price of the air we breathe, Cameroonians will still live.” An angry Cameroonian wrote on Facebook.

“We can start using other types of flour like potatoes and cassava flour for bread,” another user suggested on Facebook.

Another simply wrote, “Let them also increase the price of dust…”


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