Cameroonians in Malabo Persecuted by Equatoguinean Authorities

By Augustine Nyuykongi

Cameroonian citizens living in Malabo, the capital of Equatorial Guinea and Bata say they are being persecuted by local authorities there.

Numerous reports also say massive arrests of foreigners in Equatorial Guinea are being made by the police daily. “The raids,” we are told “was initially made to arrest undocumented foreigners in the country,” a Cameroonian resident in Malabo said. However, it is now reported that the arrests have been widened to target all foreigners in Malabo and Bata.

It is believed that the arrested foreigners are detained in concentration camps where they are tortured. This has caused many Cameroonians resident in the Central African country, to lock down their businesses and remain indoors for fear of the unknown.

Following desperate pleas directed at the Cameroonian Embassy in Malabo, Cameroon’s Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea Jean Claude Owono Menguele on November 3, 2021, issued an official statement.

He confirmed the rampant arrests of foreigners and said the embassy had contacted Guinea’s authorities to request clarifications on the motive behind the arrests.

The Ambassador said that while it waited on the response from Guinea’s authorities, “the embassy has proceeded to the carry-out first urgent measures of consular assistance to the compatriots detained in Malabo… by providing them with foodstuffs, hygienic and sanitary products of first necessity.”

Cameroon’s Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea has however called on Cameroonians residing there to remain calm and not be derailed by misinformation. Contrary to claims from victims in Malabo and social media reports, the Ambassador has maintained that arrested Cameroonians are not being mistreated and will not be repatriated. He also assured that the Cameroonian authorities are actively on the affair.


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