Cameroonians in UAE stranded by coronavirus lockdown

Cameroonian nationals are stranded in the United Arab Emirates as the Gulf country tightens travel restrictions in an attempt to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.

For some weeks now, some Cameroonians in Dubai, especially those who went to the country with Business Visas have asked the government to repatriate them, as they did with the other Cameroonians stuck in Kenya, Ethiopia and Turkey. 

A Cameroonian who’s been staying in a hotel for almost a month, and who‘s business visa has expired tells Gina Informs that he has spent all of his money in the hotel and won’t be able to cope with his bills in the long run. 

When asked if he had contacted the Cameroonian Consulate-General in Dubai he said the office was closed. 

He got to the consulate on phone and the secretary informed him that they are closed. The Consul is no where to be found since April 5th. 

“The consulate has a notice on their door – ‘closed until further notice’,” he told Gina Informs. 

Another Cameroonian in Dubai said he needs to travel back home because he has lost his job and has exhausted his resources. 

However Dubai has given a three month free additional visa extension to foreign nationals who traveled to the country with  tourist and employment visas when they expire.


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