Cameroon’s maiden Regional Polls: How calm and peaceful was it?

Cameroon’s Territorial administration minister (MINAT) Paul Atanga Nji told journalists Sunday, December 6 night that the country’s maiden regional vote took place with “calm, serenity and transparency”. 

Local representatives in Cameroon voted Sunday to appoint councils in the 10 regions made up of regional delegates and traditional rulers. 

But did everything go hitch free? 

Violence marred Cameroon’s maiden regional polls. 

Before the election separatist fighters called for a four-day lockdown and vowed to disrupt the vote and take away anyone who took part in the Northwest and Southwest. 

In Mbengwi, Momo Division, Northwest Region of Cameroon, a regional official was killed on his way back from casting his vote.

Still, in the Northwest, in Akum, Gina Informs gathered that gunmen opened fire and wounded a priest and a seminarian driving to Mass in the village. 

Meanwhile, residents in the English-speaking city of Muyuka woke up on Election Day to the sound of gunshots in some parts of the city.

Fabrice Lena, Secretary General of the Popular Action Party, an opposition party in Cameroon, said “maybe Mr minister was not told the conditions that Elections took place in the 13 divisions of the Southern Cameroons, the physiological stress, tension and fear.”

A bedridden traditional ruler ferried to vote died after casting his vote at the polling station, yet MINAT Boss Atanga Nji did not mention the incident to the press on Sunday. 

The Guardian Post’s Front Page, December, 7 2020.  

An election amid opposition boycott

Two main opposition parties, Maurice Kamto’s Movement for the Rebirth of Cameroon (MRC) and the Social Democratic Front (SDF), ‘boycotted’ the polls, arguing they are not about local issues but a way for the 87-year-old head of state to tighten his grip on power.

Though some SDF Councillors in Bamenda and Douala surprisingly casted their votes. 


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