Cameroon/School Resumption: Government wants foreign countries hosting separatist leaders to collaborate

Cameroon’s Minister of Communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi has called on foreign countries hosting separatist leaders who are perpetrating violence in Cameroon, to collaborate with the government to ensure an effective school resumption on September 2, 2019.
He made this request alongside four members of the government during a joint press conference Monday, August 27 in Yaoundé. The joint press conference with ministers in charge of the education sector in Cameroon, aimed at reassuring Cameroonians on the moves taken by the Government to ensure school resumes peacefully in the restive regions of the country in particular and in Cameroon in general.
During the press conference the Government’s spokesperson, Emmanuel Sadi equally outlined numerous cases of kidnappings, attacks on teachers and students, assassinations perpetrated in North West and South West regions, which are some of the reasons why schools have remained closed. On behalf of the Government, he condemned these atrocities.
Speaking at the press conference, the Minister of Higher education, Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo said enough security measures have been put in place to counter school boycott and encouraged those leaving in the English speaking regions of Cameroon to collaborate with thier local administration and the forces of law and order.
“Ghost towns and lock downs have no effect on the academic year. University students and teachers go to their lecture halls regularly,” he said.
Adding to what his colleagues said about an effective school resumption, the Minister of Basic education Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa outlined the necessary financial measures taken by the government ahead of school reopening.
He mentioned that, 364 million CFA frs has been sent to the North West region and 263 million CFA frs to the South West region ahead of school resumption. He equally highlighted an 855 million CFA frs State subvention given to private schools to function normally.
Calls for a lockdown have been echoed by factions of the Ambazonia separatist movement, it is however not clear when it is to begin. The calls has caused many to flee these regions into the French speaking regions of Cameroon for security reasons.


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