Cholera Epidemic: South West and Littoral Regions Battle with Outbreaks

By A.J

The Littoral Region has become the latest part of Cameroon to be affected by a cholera outbreak, after the South West Region.

Media reports have confirmed at least 2 deaths in Melong from Cholera this week.

The South West Region of Cameroon has also recorded three deaths in the past week, at the Buea Regional Hospital.

In the South West, one of the hardest-hit areas is Bolifamba-Mile 16, in Buea.

Sources say there have been more than 17 cases of Cholera in that area alone. At least one person from Bolifamba has also died from the epidemic.

“He was transferred to the Buea Regional Hospital, where he later died,” a Journalist told us.

Health authorities in the affected areas of Buea have blamed water sources for this outbreak. However, investigations have not yet been done to confirm this allegation.

The water catchment from where the community’s water is distributed was nevertheless been temporarily closed to regulate the outbreak. More information also revealed that it was later reopened, given that it is the only water source.

As of now, there have been no official figures released by health officials.

The Buea District Medical Officer Dr. Ngund Mathias has confirmed an outbreak but says official details will only be released after further findings.

In the Littoral Region meanwhile, the Senior Divisional Officer of Melong Alain Blaise Biko Biko says several persons have been hospitalized.

In a communiqué published on February 01, 2022, the SDO informed that containment measures are already being taken.

Persons in the Littoral Region with symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, etc, have been asked to go for treatment at health establishments.

Experts in affected regions have opined ignorance about the disease is a trigger for its resurgence. In addition, there has been a public call for hygiene rules to be adhered to as a preventive means against the epidemic.


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