Choose the ICT University for your Undergraduate and Post Graduate Studies.

The ICT University develops Productive and Relevant Diplomas, Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree programs to suit the needs and aspirations of society. Doctorate Program scholars of the school utilize their research and training to address complicated problems faced in their respective Nations.

The Institution is the only University in Cameroon with a US curriculum. According to the ICT University President, Professor Victor Mbarika, there is no need to send people abroad for studies when the same standards of Higher Education can be gotten cheaper in the country.

The University operates several on-site campuses across the continent, however, Professor Mbarika adds that “Students that choose not to study on campus can access all degree Programmes from Bachelor’s to Ph.D. online.”

Applicants living and working in Europe and America can equally apply for the very affordable online programs, which compares to other institutions in developed Nations, meaning that degrees gotten from the ICT University are automatically Internationally Recognized.

The school has been operational since 2012, and provides the best ICT and Managerial Human Capacity Development in developing countries, with more than 15,000 students worldwide.

The University is situated in Yaoundé at Dispensaire Messasi. It operates fully in both English and French and offers online and on-campus studies.

The ICT University is currently accepting applications for the fall session starting October 2021. Click the link to apply:

For tuition and other modalities, visit the University website: https// or contact the school via WhatsApp: 678764037 or 651060049


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