Chris Anu says the Southern Cameroon IG has no military force – BBC

Chris Anu, a spokesperson for the Southern Cameroon interim government has said the self-declared government has no army. He was speaking on the program ‘Africa Today’ on the BBC world service with Akwasi Sarpong.

“We don’t have an army,” he said reacting to a question on the killing of Cameroon security forces in the restive anglophone regions.

“If you come to my home and attack me, you have to understand that I have the right to defend myself that is what is happening in Southern Cameroon,” he went on.

He also spoke about the effects of the anglophone crisis, “we don’t have the ammunition that the Cameroon army has, you have seen pictures where whole towns are burnt down, who burnt down the whole towns and villages, people have been burnt alive in their homes. We have 60,000 refugees right now in Nigeria. We have over 3000 in jails behind bars in Cameroon.”

“The Ambazonia Defence Force (ADF) is a whole different organization, different from the interim government to which I am part, Ambazonia Defence Force is the name of an organization, not an army. ADF is a different organization I cannot speak for them,” Chris Anu told the BBC.

What started as a push for rights by teachers and lawyers in the Anglophone regions, have since October last year escalated into an armed confrontation between Yaoundé and different separatist groups.

The main group, the ADF has claimed responsibility for some of the guerilla-style attacks that have killed over 20 members of the security forces – soldiers, police and gendarmes.

Recently, the governor of the Southwest region was attacked on his way to Menji to install the new Senior Divisional Officer. The armed convoy of Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai came under fire from suspected separatists on his way to and from the town of Labialem.


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