Commonwealth tells Biya it is time to talk to both sides

After she visited Cameroon last December, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Patricia Scotland says Cameroon is in difficult times and needs to get to the table with both sides and talk.

She shared her view and concerns about the socio-political crisis in Cameroon with the BBC, during an interview on TV. She’s urging President Biya’s government to speak to both sides of the long running Anglophone and Francophone disputes over land, rights, and job opportunities as the BBC reported.

The Commonwealth boss said all parties need to have a platform to converse and listen to the concerns that are being expressed by all Cameroonians; anglophone Cameroonians especially.

“We need to do everything we can to assist Cameroon at this difficult time,” she said, answering a question on if the common wealth has the power to do something for Cameroon.

“The common wealth is there as a support,” she went on.

Patricia Scotland visited Cameroon last year, in December. A tour that was limited only to the political capital of the country, Yaoundé, was later on expanded to Buea, in the restive Southwest region of Cameroon. Anglophone Cameroonians said it was not very wise for her to visit and not go down to the field to see what is happening first hand.

She held meetings with the clergy, government officials and traditional rulers, and took a report back with her to the UK.

After her visit some Cameroonians thought the commonwealth was just like every other organisation that comes in a bit to give hope but when they leave, nothing is heard from them again.

But then after she has urged Biya to talk to his people, could the commonwealth help Cameroon out, especially the Anglophones who are going through a lot during this difficult time?


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