CONAC unveils a toll free number to fight corruption

A toll free number 1517 has been added to the existing tools to fight corruption by the National Anti Corruption Commission, CONAC. This number is to urge citizens of Cameroon to report corruption practices either as witnesses or victims.

This will be made possible with the collaboration of mobile phone operators in Cameroon, users will have free access to officials of the organization, who believe that the move will better enable them collect data, which after investigation, is expected to make strategies put in place to fight corruption, more effective.

“The number can be dialed from 7 AM to 6 PM; we have installed two posts to receive calls which will permit us collect data from people reporting corruption cases. It has been scheduled in such a way that those calling to report issues on corruption are satisified,” explained the president of CONAC, Dieudonné Massi Gams.

CONAC says the essence is involving the population as well to get involved in the fight against corruption so that they will be encouraged to denounce the practice.

Critics of CONAC still do not buy the idea of this new tool, most of them say CONAC has had so many lapses in the past in the fight against corruption giving the fact that the officials of the anti-corruption institution are often appointed by the President of Cameroon, Paul BIYA.


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