Congolese Artist Koffi Olomide Convicted for Sexual Abuse

By Augustine Nyuykongi

Popular artist from the Democratic Republic of Congo Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba, otherwise known by his stage name Koffi Olomide has been convicted for sexual offenses. The popular musician was given an 8 years sentence in prison by the Versailles Court of Appeal on October 25, 2021.

The 65-year-old Rumba star was tried for sexual assault and the kidnap of four (4) of his former dancers during separate tours in France.

Back in 2019, Koffi Olomide had been handed a prison sentence of 2 years for sexual assaults on his dancers between 2007 to 2013. One of the assaulted girls revealed that the singer usually locked them up in rooms guarded by three men while on tours in France.

She also alleged that the singer would sexually assault them, and they would not speak up for fear of losing their jobs as his dancers.

“It happened in hotels, sometimes in cars, and even inside the recording studios.” She claimed. She also said they underwent these abuses very frequently.

“This happened several times… Sometimes he forces us to sleep with him 3 times a week, sometimes two times a week, some 3 to 4 times a month,” she revealed.

The singer meanwhile has refuted the allegations of sexual misconduct against him. At the Versailles Court he said “it’s all false.” He told the judges that the women accusing him were desperate to remain in France after their tours and could do anything not to return to Congo.


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