Covid-19: Omicron Variant Forces Government to tighten border restrictions

By Augustine Nyuykongi

Like other countries the Cameroon government has tightened border restrictions after reports of a newly detected coronavirus variant in some African countries.

Officials at the Ministry of Public Health have reportedly carried out systematic screening and testing on over 11,000 persons entering the country so far.

Several tests are also being carried out at some entry points in major towns like Kye-Ossi, Limbe, Kribi, and Douala according to Ministry of Health authorities. According to reports, close to 11% of people screened tested positive.

Cameroon’s Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute has lauded the efforts put in by medics and asked the Minister of Public Health to continue in the fight against the virus. Minister Manaouda Malachie of the Public Health has equally revealed that the contamination rate of the virus has gone down drastically since the end of the peak of the third variant.

Nevertheless, the Minister has also emphasized that the Omicron Variant, which is deadlier than the precedents must be fought on all fronts. While the medics are on duty, Dr. Manaouda Malachie has urged citizens to continue respecting the barrier measures.


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