#Craiemort Trends as Teacher’s Demand Better Work Conditions

For some days now, primary and secondary school teachers in Cameroon have stood up against what they believe is discrimination against their profession.

This movement began in the Far North Region of Cameroon, with two common slogans; OTS (On as Trot Supporté), and #craiemort have been used to express their grievances to the authorities.

This week, images shared on social media platforms have shown teachers show up in schools but have not followed up with their duties.

The complaints from these teachers have been discrimination against their profession, and poor working conditions. 

A popular note diffused on social media too by these teachers suggested that most teachers have not received payment for many months.

This movement has prompted several reactions on social media from Cameroonian influencers, and teachers.

Popular Cameroonian Tech Entrepreneur Rebecca Enonchong said the state cannot prioritize sectors like sports and leave Education limping. “Cameroon needs to do better in defining priorities. We can’t put stadiums before education. We can’t sacrifice our youth for the vanity of spectacle. 

#CraieMorte.” She tweeted.

Cameroon People’s Party President Edith Kah Wallah equally added her voice to the conversation. She explained on Twitter, “Every society is judged by how it treats its children. Our children are either important or they are not. Teachers spend the most time bringing up children. We should select, train & compensate our teachers for the job they are doing=building citizens.


Another Twitter user bemoaned some poor treatments given to teachers who have to deal with a lack of resources soon after being posted. “A lot graduated from the Higher High School Teacher Training College some months back and have been appointed in faraway bushes. No light, no roads, no proper means to feed themselves, no way to reach out to them because there is no network. Until when? #CraieMorte,” he criticized.

“Cameroonian teachers aren’t asking for a salary raise, they are simply asking for the “Texts” to be respected so please don’t try truncating their pleas, they aren’t outlaws they are humans they are parents. #CraieMorte #OTS.” Dr. Sogolo Bebe also tweeted.


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