CRM President Maurice Kamto Demands Freedom for Incarcerated Militants Ahead of Festivities

By Augustine Nyuykongi

Professor Maurice Kamto, the President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) Party has asked Cameroonian authorities to release the 57 incarcerated CRM Militants from the New Bell Prison in Douala, so they can enjoy the end of year festivities with their families.

This call comes several months after the politician was himself freed from house arrest after the September 22 nationwide protest he had called in 2020. 

Following his admittance to visit the Militants in jail, the CRM President addressed a mammoth crowd in Douala in front of the CRM Party office. 

In his address, Professor Kamto told his supporters that he was not going to relent in his efforts to free the incarcerated militants from jail peacefully. Kamto told the population, “our motto is peaceful change through the ballot box.” However, also added that his party will not hesitate to put in a fight if they are faced with the option.

“If they impose a fight on us, then we will fight. And I hope that all our political friends will be released before the end of this year so that they can enjoy the end of year feasts with their families,” he stated. 

Professor Maurice Kamto also lashed out at persons who have claimed that he and his militants tarnish the image of the country. To him, the CRM Party has done nothing illegal and unconstitutional to tarnish the image of the country like it has been suggested.

The CRM President’s address to his supporters also come some weeks after he was accused of having abandoned his incarcerated militants. Accusations he’s frowned at, saying he wouldn’t have led calls against President Biya’s re-election in the 2018 Presidential elections, which led to his incarceration. 


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