Deceased Music Star “Fhish” Laid to Rest in His Home Town

By Augustine Nyuykongi

Mbonjem Lesly Aponglen, A.K.A Fhish has been buried in his native village Awing, North West Region of Cameroon.

The funeral rites of the artist began yesterday with the removal of his corpse from the Tiko Mortuary before it was transported to Douala where there was a wake.

It was a heavily attended ceremony, graced by some established entertainers from Cameroon like Tzy Panchack, Cy International, Big G Baba, Wax Dey, Ko-C, Rinyu, and Salatiel among others, and hundreds of fans all in black.

Fans have lauded the solidarity shown by Anglophone entertainers in Cameroon during the funeral ceremony of the late Artist.

There was also a strong presence from entertainers who followed the corpse of the artist to his final resting place, most of them anglophone artists.

There was however a far cry from some entertainers like CY International who called out Francophone artists for their noticeable absence during the funeral ceremony of Fhish.

Popular rapper Big G Baba wrote on Facebook that “Majority of the entertainers who didn’t show up are the Francophones, but you guys (media) are not talking about it.”

Another Popular Music singer Ko-C has also received wide acclamations from fans of Fhish after he promised to take personal care of the education of the deceased musician’s little daughter.

Fhish died in a tragic road accident on December 24, 2021, along the Douala-Buea road. The artist was driving to the South West Region at night with his manager (also deceased) and one other girl when he hit a truck parked on the road without a warning sign.

His car was badly damaged in the process, and he died on the spot, alongside his manager. The third victim is currently receiving intensive medical care.

Mbonjem Lesly Aponglen was born on July 08, 1997, in Bamenda, North West Region. He attended his primary school education in Wum. He obtained his GCE Ordinary and Advanced Level Certificates at the Progressive High School Bamenda, and later studied Theatre Art at the University of Bamenda, but dropped out due to the crisis.

He began his music career in 2018 with his first release titled “Bonbon Sifflet.” After spending three years in the Music industry, the artist registered for the second edition of the Biggy 237 reality TV show. He emerged victorious from the show, winning a cash prize, a car, and a trip abroad.

He died in an accident less than three months after winning the show, dying in an accident that occurred with the car he had won from the show.


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