‘Democracy in Cameroon is a scam,’- Fabrice Lena says on World Democracy Day

September 15th is the International Day of Democracy, which was established by the UN to promote and celebrate democratic government. 

Today Cameroon joins the rest of the world to celebrate the International Day of Democracy.

As nations celebrate democracy which is understood to be a widely accepted and a largely welcomed form of government, it has become common to debate on how democratic Cameroon is.

Opposition politicians in Cameroon argue that African democracy remains fragile, beset by problems, including corruption. Politicians like the Secretary General of the Popular Action Party Fabrice Lena who say “Democracy in Cameroon” is a scam.

“Democracy have been substituted with Anarchy or an unexplained ideology in Cameroons. A highly centralized state like Cameroon can’t be called a democratic country, unless we want to invent a new meaning to the standard definition of democracy observed in other parts of Africa and the world,” Fabrice Lena said on the International Day of Democracy.

“In Cameroon, statesmen in different arms of the Government are stronger than the institutions. Presidency is ‘deitified’ and power is mystified. Everything is fluid and very chaotic,” he added.

To the opposition politician, the high hope of an emerging democracy died down in Cameroon by a three decades of Constitutional coup, rigged elections, repression and bad governance. “There is serious problem of legality and legitimacy of local and Presidential Elections in Cameroon,” he said.

The International Day of Democracy owes its existence to the Universal Declaration on Democracy, which was adopted on September 15, 1997 by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), which is an international organisation of national parliaments. In the following years, Qatar led efforts to promote an International Day of Democracy. Finally, on November 8, 2007, the day was established as the UNGA adopted by consensus the resolution titled “Support by United Nations system of efforts of governments to promote and consolidate a new or restored democracies.”


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