Divisional officer for Douala I attempts interrupting Gospel Concert for peace

Several news outlets and eye witnesses have confirmed that Jean Marie Tchakui, Divisional officer for Douala I attempted to interrupt Steve Crown Agatha Moses and Nestor David’s Gospel Concert for peace at Maison de Parti Bonanjo, in Douala yesterday evening.

The administrator violently climbed on the stage when the Nigerian Gospel Singer Agatha Moses was singing and humiliated her, he pulled away the Cameroonian flag and pushed down musical sets.

A lady who attended the concert shared what she saw on her Facebook page.  “A concert that was organized specifically to pray for peace in this nation Cameroon, was interrupted; instruments were destroyed, equipment shattered and Agatha Moses on trying to flee got wounded.”

“I guess when we raised a praised altar, it shook the foundations of some altars so they decided to now attack physically,” she added.

“For some of you are always looking for loopholes, the organizers had permission from the government to organize this event and please it was not a matter of noise either, this is an open space where concerts are always organized.”

According to the D.O, the concert was to end at 6pm. He single handedly decided to stop the concert even though the governor of the Littoral region had earlier authorised the organisers to hold the concert till mid night.

The Governor of the Littoral, Samuel Diudonne Ivaha Diboua came around, apologized for what he called misunderstanding and joined in the crusade. Some eye witnesses confirm that he joined others and praising and worshipping God.

Foreign Gospel singers like Steve Crown, Nestor David, and Agatha Moses have been expressing disappointment on the type of administration in Cameroon.

When Steve Crown finally took the stage, he said “the devil can never stop the work of God.”


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