Dr. Nick Ngwanyam sends goodwill message to St. Louis Students, Staff and Parents after HPD results

Dr. Nick Ngwanyam, MD and President of St Louis University Institute of Health, Agriculture, Technology and Engineering Douala and Bamenda has congratulated St. Louis students for their excellence at the national examination (HPD) organised by the Ministry of Higher Education Cameroon.

“We send our heart felt thanks and appreciation to the staff who worked tirelessly under very trying conditions to make this happen.

We equally appreciate the efforts of parents and sponsors for their commitment to seeing their children through in spite of the hard economic times.

We are equally indebted  to the Ministry of Higher Education and the government for their support to the dreams and aspirations of St Louis as a nation builder through youth empowerment.  

We are particularly grateful to the entire student body who through their personal and collective efforts and scores have demonstrated that self discipline and hard work along with a clear VISION and mission opens up doors no one can close. 

Collectively we shall grow as a family. Cameroon can count on us as the way to the new beginning and a better future God being our helper.”

He equally seized the opportunity to call on students to come back and register into level 400 for their BSC in one year and invited others to join them to be part of the winning team. 

New students are currently being admitted into St. Louis new campuses in Bonamoussadi, Bonaberi and Bamenda.

Classes will begin on 15th of October 2020. 

Visit their website for more information: www.stlouis-group.org

Dr. Nick Ngwanyam, MD

Tel/whatsapp: 237 677764674

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