DRC: Congolese thrilled to see president and flag respected in Russia


President Felix Tshisekedi’s reception in Russia, coupled with the hoisting of the nation’s flag during a meeting on the sidelines of the Russia – Africa summit, with President Vladimir Putin is ringing bells on twitter.

Apart from attending the summit, the Russia – Africa economic forum and a lunch meeting with President Putin, he equally had a one on one meeting with his counterpart, where the nation’s flag was hoisted.

Congolese on twitter are thrilled this happened. They have equally compared it to his brief meeting with US President Trump, on the sidelines of the UNGA in New York, where their nation’s flag was not hoisted. They feel ‘honoured’ to see him treated that way by one of the World’s powers.

Translation: “Finally our President has just been honoured by the best Presidents in the world. In the USA with trump the DRC flag was not present, in Russia Putin has made us proud to be Congolese and Pro-Russian.”

Translation: “I was waiting for this day to come. That’s the difference. Where our President is not respected and where Congo is not respected, we must review things diplomatically, this is Diplomacy. Our President arrives & his counterpart welcomes him.”

Translation: “The ability to convince international partners, the determination to raise DRC’s flag among nations and recover our long lost pride, is the president’s vision.”

In a brief meeting with President Tshisekedi Wednesday, President Putin said the DRC is one of Russia’s most  promising partners in Africa.

“Speaking about our relations, I must say from the start that we view the Democratic Republic of the Congo as one of our most promising partners in Africa, on the African continent. It has substantial trade and investment potential. We know this potential is linked with rich natural resources and the capabilities of your people,” Putin, host to over 40 african leaders in sochi, said.

“Russian-Congolese cooperation is constructive and based on mutual respect. In the very first months of your independence in 1960, the Soviet Union rendered significant assistance to the government of Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba. He is a truly legendary man, a legendary fighter for the liberation of African nations from colonialism. He was well known in this country and enjoyed enormous popularity and support among the Soviet people.”

“Next year we will celebrate the 60th anniversary of our diplomatic relations. Nonetheless, our current meeting is the first contact between our countries at the top level.”

Early January 2019, some Western governments were divided over results of the election, which brought President Tshisekedi into power.

The USA went as far as imposing sanctions on top election officials.


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