E-learning in a US – Based Institution: Upgrade your career at the ICT University

In the 20th Century, no one should have to choose between their education and career, or family commitments.

E- Learning in higher education is booming.

An online Bachelor’s, Master’s and PHD degree gives students the opportunity to boost their careers without letting life get in the way. In a world where any of these degrees are now the new entry credential that commands a wage premium, enrolling in any of them is the next logical step for the professional looking to reinvent, recharge or progress upwards in their careers.

Why disrupt your job, lose your livelihood or have to select an institution purely based on convenience of location, when technology has progressed enough to enable you to shape education around your schedule instead?

About ICT-U online

The Information and Communication Technology University (ICT-U) and its suite of online Bachelor’s, Master’s and PHD degrees offers a window into how and why this form of advanced learning works.

The first, it is one of the few ICT Universities in Cameroon that uses the knowledge creation approach. The university was developed out of one major motivation: to train scholars from economically developing nations who will become knowledge creators and not just knowledge consumers.

When it comes to equipping people to thrive and take what they learn back to the work place the right way, this US based university’s track record is well-proven. With this admirable history, taking ICT courses online was the next step. And ICT – U left no aspect of quality behind.

The university equally prides itself with well experienced and knowledgeable instructors from socio-economic, cultural, academic and industrial backgrounds.

It is worth mentioning as well that ICT-U provides both face-to-face (hands-on) and e-learning training methods. Students have the option to study onsite at the Yaoundé campus or online to obtain ICT University USA degrees.

The following programs are currently offered in Cameroon: B.Sc. in ICT, Information Systems and Networking, Software Engineering, Business management and Sustainable Development, Banking and Finance, and Accounting Information Technology. All programs are unique subject areas that correspond with some of the hottest industry topics today. Each degree is as immersive as the on-site courses. So, although the degree is taught virtually, you can always engage with your content, lecturers and fellow students.

Accredited by Cameroon’s Ministry of Higher Education since September 21, 2012, the school is benchmarked against international standards in terms of governance, programmes, students, faculty, research, internationalisation, ethics, responsibility and sustainability, as well as engagement with the world of practice.

No matter what your career aspirations or commitments, ICT-U online offers a win-win solution for anyone seeking to advance their knowledge without disrupting their career and other commitments. With an impressive record of accomplishment and comprehensively designed courses, study online there to thrive and bring your ambitions to the next level.

Join us ICT-U and learn big through their online programs with experts. It’s a certified program that will influence you to learn concepts and provide you with universal training that will mold you professionally, ethically and with much discipline to go out and conquer.

Find out more on the University’s website: https://ictuniversity.org

Registration begins today do not be left out.

Enroll here: https://ictuniversity.org/application-form/



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