E-Tickets: A Revolution in the Events Industry

While still in its Beta, a new mobile and web app is already witnessing heavy adoption by event organizers in the Country. What intrigues us is not so much the upsurge in demand as the quality of events it’s successfully sold tickets for. E-Tickets, a product of Eternal Company Limited, a Douala-based tech and marketing firm, has been and is being used for ticket sales of Ada’s Musical Concert by the Cliq Empire, the Njeiforbi Music Festival with Diamond Platnumz and Stanley Enow, the Arrey B Afrikpreneur Awards, the Saving Mbango movie premiere and screenings and the Tenacity movie premiere. So why the quick adoption for an app still to be officially launched?

Osbert Chiabi, CEO of Eternal Company Limited explains that E-Ticket’s effectiveness comes from the convenience in buying tickets and the speed in verifying them. Unlike other ticket sales online where users either present their names or a code of random characters before getting into an event, E-Tickets sends a QR code to the buyer’s email after they’ve paid online with Mobile Money, Credit Card or PayPal, the buyer presents the code at the event and the code is scanned and validated. QR codes are very easy to understand and use: the same way a supermarket cashier quickly scans your products is the same way event organizers will scan your QR code. It takes less than a second to scan and verify that user’s ticket before granting them access to the event.

These features alone aren’t however all the app offers. E-Tickets goes further by providing statistics of purchases to event organizers, letting them cash out from tickets sold at any time before, during or after the event and providing them an affiliate marketing software to let them recruit ticket salespeople. This last aspect, Osbert explains, comes in extremely handy when users buying tickets aren’t technologically savvy, as salespeople can do the purchase and hand the QR codes, either in print or digitally (sent as a picture), to the buyer.

E-Tickets is set to launch for the general public in early 2020, even though Eternal has been accepting registrations from premium event organizers, who’ve all successfully sold tens of thousands worth of tickets, as a means to enhance its Beta. The company is currently working to expand the technology into other sectors like transportation and hotel booking, both equally set to launch next year.


Visit the site:  https://www.e-tickets.cm


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