#EndAnglophoneCrisis in Cameroon: Slogan against ongoing conflict in the NW/SW police violence takes on a new dimension

Cameroon twitter is on fire, and the stars are getting involved, giving an international dimension to the call to an end to the ongoing war in the Restive English Speaking Regions of the country.

Young people are using the social media to call for an end to the oppression in these Regions by Security and Defence forces and non state armed groups (NSAGs), accusing both sides of grave abuses.

The hashtag #EndAnglophoneCrisis has been trending not just in Cameroon but across Africa and the World for a couple of days.

Some celebrities in Cameroon have joined youths to equally raise an alarm on the unending sufferings in the Anglophone Regions. Magasco, Salatiel and Daphne have called for an end to the ongoing war.

#createasolution #dialogue NO TO WAR

Posted by Magasco on Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Other celebrities in the USA have publicly spoken on the situation in Cameroon alongside other African Countries to alert their community on the violence that Cameroonians and other African countries are currently experiencing.

Taraji Henson an American actress shared hashtags on what’s happening in some parts of Africa.

US rapper Nas sent love to Cameroon and other African countries after the killings in Nigeria during a live Question & Answer session on YouTube.

What’s happening in Cameroon?

Since October 2016, peaceful protests against marginalization in the Northwest and Southwest Regions have degenerated into a socio-political crisis.

In the beginning, talk of independence was limited. During the early anti-regime protests in the end of 2016, teachers, judges and lawyers took to the streets demanding more English-speaking teachers in their regions, and a better legal system that made justice easier for English speakers.

Another protest on September 22, 2017 across the English speaking regions ended with several protesters shot dead by security forces. 

Amnesty International reported that at least 17 people were killed during the protests in both Regions.

Today dozens of armed groups have sprung in the Anglophone Regions, fighting for the independence of Ambazonia a breakaway state declared in October 2017 by separatists in the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

Now, four years on, Cameroonians in the Anglophone Regions are caught between a government that is not doing enough to solve their grievances and fragmented armed groups striving to lead the secessionist movement.

According to NGOs, the conflict that began in late 2017 has already killed more than 3,000 people and displaced hundreds of thousands. 1 million children have been deprived from education in the area.

My Anglophone Crisis Story

Several Cameroonians are telling their stories on twitter with the hashtag #EndAnglophoneCrisis.


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