Equatorial Guinea: Cameroon’s Ambassador Denies Persecution Allegations Against nationals

By Augustine Nyuykongi

Amidst an ongoing outcry by Cameroonian citizens in Malabo and Bata, Equatorial Guinea of persecution, Jean Claude Owono Menguele, Cameroon’s Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea has denied the allegations.

Speaking to Equinoxe Radio on the situation, the Ambassador said Equatorial Guinea has no agenda against Cameroonians specifically. According to the Cameroonian diplomat, Cameroonians were arrested as part of an operation against illegal immigration, which he says targeted all foreigners.

The Ambassador also said all Cameroonians who proved their legality in Equatorial Guinea were released immediately by the authorities. Ambassador Desire Jean Claude Owono admitted that the operation by the Equatoguinean authorities was necessary, however criticizing its mode of implementation. “The operation has its merits, however, it is the sudden nature of the operation that has taken many people by shock,” he said. 

He also assured that the embassy in Malabo intends to make a tour at the detention centers. The goal according to him will be to see if there are any Cameroonians still detained and to assist them in every possible way. He nevertheless reiterated that there is no hunt for Cameroonians like it’s being widely shared. “The Equatoguinean authorities have said if there are claims, they will be examined properly if we provide the evidence…” He assured. 

The Ambassador’s reaction is contrary to what Cameroonians in the country have been saying. Compatriots in Malabo and Bata say they are being arrested indiscriminately by the Equatoguinean police. They also say arrested foreigners are being tortured in detention centers and others are being repatriated.


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