Eseka train derailment: Bollore’s Lawyer fails to show up in court for the third time

It is 22 months after the Eseka train derailment and the decision today was an adjournment. Lawyers for the Eseka train victims have returned home frustrated after a hearing at court of first instance in Eseka was postponed for a flimsy reason.

Victims of the train crash at Eseka that left nearly 80 dead in Cameroon, in October 2017 sued the management of the rail company Camrail owned by French group Bolloré, for “failures and negligence”.

The reason given by Camrail‘s lawyer Olivier Baratelli was his chambers has been closed and he was on a holiday, So he couldn’t be present for the court hearing today.

The case between Camrail, and victims of the accident has been dragging on for about a year now and the lawyers are shocked that they ended the day with another adjournment just like the other days.

This is the third time that he has failed to appear in the court. And lawyers representing the victims were hoping that he was going to be present this morning, so that the case which has been dragging moves forward at least. But to their greatest dismay, it was pushed to September 12 2018.



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