Ethiopia: At least 2 dead in Varsity protest

By Njix Sharon

At least two students have been reported dead following the varsity protests that held in Ethiopia’s North on the campus of Woldiya University over the weekend.

According to a report from the privately-run Addis Standards, thirteen others had been injured in the incident.

The portal also cited a number of sources that disclosed that two first year social science students were violently killed.

” On the circumstances of the death of Shambel and Hassan, a student who spoke to the VOA Afaan Oromoo said one of them died after been ‘thrown off of a building’ whereas the second victim was beaten to dead.”

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed reacted to the incident through a tweet and urged University students to watch out not to be used as agents of separatism.

The translation of his message reads as follows “our educational institutions are enriching knowledge and deep thinking skills. Their (varsity) students should not be agents of separatism but rather as a bridge to developing ideas and bringing communities closer to healthy exchanges.”


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