Ethiopia set to name Abiy Ahmed prime minister

After days of intense debate and negotiations, the leaders of Ethiopia’s governing coalition have chosen Abiy Ahmed to be their new leader.

He is from the Oromo ethnic group, which has been at the centre of anti-government protests since 2015.

Mr Abiy will now be put forward for the position of prime minister after the council approved the resignation of the outgoing premier, Hailemariam Desalegn.

Mr Abiy is seen as an astute politician with impressive academic and military credentials.

He holds a doctorate from Addis Ababa University and has Masters degrees from the US and UK.

He previously served as a cabinet minister and was instrumental in setting up the country’s intelligence agency.

Beyond just marking an ethnic milestone, many Ethiopians are hopeful Abiy will change the ways of the party, which assumed power in 1991 after routing the communist Derg junta.

His critics, however, have cast doubt on whether he will be allowed enough room and power to institute reforms demanded by the demonstrators.

Hundreds of people have died and many more have been detained since protests began in the country nearly three years ago.


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