Finance Minister Hints Over 2000 Illegal Tax Receipts in Circulation

By A.J

Cameroon’s Minister of Finance Louis Paul Motaze has warned that at least 2000 illegal tax receipts are circulating in the country.

He issued this warning on February 14, 2022, indicating that it was part of 5000 receipts the Finance ministry had warned taxpayers and agents about in November 2021.

A press release from the Finance Ministry indicated the serial numbers of these receipts to be: 68 632 001 to 68 633 000 and 68 633 001 to 68 634 000. Owners of the receipts have been accused of complicity in the embezzlement of public funds and forgery.

Receipts with the above-mentioned serial numbers have not been listed in the directory of competent services, according to Minister Louis Paul Motaze.

Heads of accounting posts in the country are on high alert over the illegal receipts in circulation.

Cameroon’s Ministry of Finance has suggested that such illegal moves are at the heart of acute revenue shortfalls in the country.

Similar fraudulent practices with handstamps in the past prompted the state to introduce stamping machines.

Nevertheless, fraudsters have navigated their way around using these machines, as well to deceive the state.


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