Fire consumes DRC’s key electoral depot

Njix Sharon N.

Barely 10 days to the DRC’s presidential election, thousands of voting machines and ballot boxes to be used on the December 23 presidential election have been consumed by fire at a warehouse in the capital city, Kinshasa.

According to a presidential adviser, about 70% of the equipment to be used for voting was destroyed, in the fire.

The election’s body, CENI, said it is still assessing the damage.

“There was a fire that occurred around one o’clock in the morning at the main depot of the independent National Electoral Commission. That’s when we called the competent authorities who came to inquire about the situation. We do not know what is the real cause of this fire” an eyewitness told the media.

DRC’s security minister reportedly said the damage was 10% of voting machines for Kinshasa. He continued by saying they will be quickly replaced.

Opposition groups on their part are questioning the cause of the incident.

Outgoing president Kabila is expected to handover to a new president after the election delayed for exactly two years.

Former interior minister, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary is heading the ruling coalition and also a candidate.

Other political aspirants at Martin Fayulu, leading the Lamuka coalition of 3 aspirants; Felix Tshisekedi leading a two-man coalition along with Vital Kamerhe.


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