Former Senator David Wallang’s Eldest Son Found Dead

Wilfred Wallang Akwo, the eldest son of former Senator David Wallang was discovered dead in front of his house on May 28, 2020.

His body was discovered with multiple gunshot wounds on his chest, and knife wounds on his head. Multiple reports say those behind the murder of the former senator’s son are English Speaking separatist fighters.

Family and friend’s take Wilfred’s corpse to the mortuary

It is believed that the deceased had been receiving multiple threats from secessionists following the release of his father from abduction. Numerous reports suggest he had received messages asking him to support the Anglophone cause or else he will be killed, together with his family.

Wilfred Wallang Akwo’s death comes just a few months after his father was released from abduction. His corpse meanwhile has been kept at the Mortuary in Buea. Wilfred Wallang Akwo leaves behind a widow and 4 children.

Wilfred Wallang’s discovered lifeless with multiple gunshot wounds to his chest