French paper hides behind April Fool joke to mock the anglophone crisis in Cameroon

April Fools’ Day sometimes called All Fools’ Day is an annual celebration in some European and Western countries commemorated on April 1 by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. The jokes and their victims are called April fools.

Some media houses usually spread sensational fake news on this first day of April, but then everyone shakes it off, because it is a joke. This year’s April Fool’s joke for a French newspaper Jeune Afrique went too far and actually wrong, leaving a whole community and a star annoyed.

The French paper shared a fake news story/interview on its news site of Cameroon’s football legend, Samuel Eto’o, saying why he is a presidential candidate in Cameroon this year 2018.

This joke and fictional interview which was supposed to make Eto’o laugh was not welcomed and he promised on his Facebook page to press charges. He was not happy for several reasons, to him the joke disrespected him, his country and minimized the anglophone crisis which has left thousands suffering.

“The 2018 presidential election in Cameroon is very important, we cannot take it for a joke. The authors of this farce mocked the Anglophone crisis; a crisis that causes desolation and mourning on a daily basis in my country,” the football legend shared on his facebook page.

In the fictional interview, the newspaper asked Eto’o how he could solve the anglophone crisis. His response was “I spent a year in London when I was in Chelsea. I know the way anglophones think. They are sometimes rough and nervous.”


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