Fru Ndi leaves the stage: a new era for the opposition in Cameroon?

The national chairman of Cameroon’s main opposition party the Social Democratic Front SDF has just confirmed during the 9th Ordinary elective convention that he will not run for the presidency, after 28 years.

“I will not present my candidature for the Presidential election, i want you to chose who is best to be the flag bearer” Ni John Fru Ndi told the congress.

Fru Ndi’s declaration means the three executives, of the party will be contesting to represent the party as flag bearer in the upcoming elections. They are Vice president and Member of Parliament Joshua Osih, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and former Parliamentary group leader Joseph Mbah Ndam and Member of Parliament, Fobi Chinda.

Ni John Fru Ndi has since 1990, led that party and stood as presidential candidate in different elections and has always been in the second position.

President Paul Biya still hasn’t declared if he will be representing his party CPDM, for the upcoming elections or not.

The national congress was threatened by English-speaking separatists, who ordered that the day be observed as a ghost town. Within the past few days they threatened Ni John Fru Ndi the Chairman of SDF and also vowed to disrupt the convention which they believe is a device to frustrate their objectives.

The Chairman of the SDF earlier this week reacted to these separatists calling them to an open challenge that whoever has the balls to attack him should do so because he is prepared for the worst.

As a result, at the entrance of the Congress Palace in Bamenda, is heavily guarded.

The ghost town however was respected with markets and streets empty in Bamenda today.

The SDF 9th Ordinary elective convention began hitch free with the North West Governor present. The North-West Governor has extended curfew time to 10pm because of the SDF Convention and only the SDF delegates and participants will benefit after showing prove of badge ownership.



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