Going to space with $100 made possible by Swiss space tourism

In 2020 astronauts from around the world will have the opportunity to go to space with just $100.
Going to space with $100, will be made possible with Boris Otter, a future space tourist, who’s creating a federation of astronaut enthusiasts: an extraordinary opportunity where 5 winning individuals will receive a ticket for space in one of the first suborbital tourist flights in history in 2020.
Boris Otter and the Swiss Space Tourism Challenge
Ever since he won a flight in a light aircraft in a school boy competition, Mr Boris Otter (49) from Geneva has wanted to be a spaceman.
Today, after a lifetime preparing for his mission, and newly graduated from the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center at Star City near Moscow, he is on the verge of lift-off.
The main problem he faces is how to raise USD1.5 million to buy a shot into space in the first regular space tourism flights scheduled for this year.
The contending carriers Blue Origin (Mr Jeff Bezos) and Virgin Galactic (Sir Richard Branson), both take six passengers on a sub-orbital flight beyond the Karman Line, the notional boundary of space at an altitude of 100km.
If Mr Otter manages to raise the money for his space flight, he’ll take five sponsors with him on one of the carriers.
How to become a commercial astronaut
Mr Otter could not do this by himself, reason why he resorted to crowdfunding; using the public to finance his dream. Mr Otter has devised scheme that he thinks might persuade 20,000 people to pay USD100 each in the hope of joining him in space.
To avoid regulations governing lotteries and any operation that might be exploited as a pyramid scheme, he has decided to set up a Swiss association with the up-front purpose of getting Mr Otter into space. The paid-up members will be sent a list of five space questions, the first correct answers to which will create a shortlist of 30 hopefuls. A second quiz will eliminate all but the five space tourists. No other qualifications are required apart from a certificate of medical fitness.
He’s also appealing to his countrymen’s national solidarity by inviting them to sponsor the “second Swiss in space”, the first being professional astronaut, Mr Claude Nicollier, 20 years ago.
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