How I braved insecurity, power cuts and the coronavirus lockdown to become the best graduating student – Pinuh Ngwi, University of Bamenda’s 2020 Valedictorian

A 21-year-old female delivered this year’s Valedictory speech at the University of Bamenda’s graduation Saturday, December 19, 2020. 

The genius studied Food and Bioresource Technology. She graduated with a GPA of 3.82!

Like other students who graduated from the University of Bamenda on Saturday, Pinuh Ngwi began her degree program around the same time the sociopolitical crisis began. She told Gina Informs studying in the North West was very difficult. 

“On some days, gunshots started while we were on campus. On other days, we couldn’t even get to the University campus due to insecurity,” Miss Pinuh explained. 

Another challenge she faced was the frequent power cuts in the North West. “I couldn’t do my assignments and submit on time because of the frequent power cuts. On some days I couldn’t study or work on my final project work,” she said. 

In March 2020, after the first COVID-19 case was recorded in Cameroon, authorities imposed a lockdown. Miss Pinuh said the lockdown affected her final year project. “When the lockdown began, my classmates and I were on our final year internship. The internship was halted as a result of the lockdown. After the lockdown we didn’t have much time left to continue the internship.”

The LESAN (ex-student of Our Lady Of Lourdes, Bamenda, Northwest Region of Cameroon) says she became the best in her class by studying extremely hard and trusting in God. “There’s an acronym we often used in Lourdes: PHD which stands for Prayer, Hardwork and Determination. All that backed by so much support from my family, lecturers and  friends pushed me to the top,” she affirmed. 

Miss Pinuh plans to continue studying Food processing up to PHD level, while working on her Food Processing projects.  

To youths and university students, she leaves this message: “Put in all your best in your studies. If you can, study as if your life depends on it… because actually it does. Then commit the rest to God, and you will reap the benefits. However, don’t neglect social activities on and off campus; such as cultural week activities, sporting activities… They are important.”


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