“How just is it for someone to pay for another’s alleged ‘crime or wrongdoing’”- Ayah Abine reacts to the arrest of anglophone activists Mother

The CEO of the Ayah Foundation, Ayah Ayah Abine has expressed concern about the detention of an anglophone activists, Mark Bareta mother by security forces on Tuesday night.

Multiple sources say Mark Bareta’s mother was taken to the Buea Police Station yesterday and demanded to produce her son.

In a write up titled Mark Bareta and mum on Facebook, Abine Ayah called for the respect of rights. “ I hope she is well taken care of and her rights respected especially considering the fact that she is a woman and above all, a mother.“

“If she is held as a bait for her son, every sound legal mind even on basis of common sense will wonder aloud as to how just it is for someone to pay for another’s alleged ‘crime/wrongdoing’. For a woman it’s all the more dehumanizing owing to how delicate the female body is,” he went on.

Not being sure of the reason for her detention Ayah Abine said he was tempted to believe she was being held because of her sons activism, something which has happened to an anglophone before, “it won’t surprise me if that be the case as we have seen similar of such before. One of such was the wife of Mr Ako Abunaw who was detained in Mamfe with a newly born kid on account of the husband’s stance on the ‘anglophone’ question.”

Mark Bareta in a post on Facebook said he alone is responsible for his actions and his mother who he described as a woman of faith should be left out.

Read Ayah Ayah Abine’s full post on Facebook;



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