How to resolve the crisis in the NW and SW Regions, Dr. Fomunyoh speaks

The senior associate for Africa and regional director at the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh has expressed concern about the deteriorating security and political situation in Cameroon.

The native Cameroonian who has always called for an inclusive dialogue since the beginning of the Anglophone crisis in 2016 says the nation Cameroon is more divided, more polarized, more fragile and more insecure than ever before in its modern history.

The President of The Fomunyoh Foundation has shared some recommendations on how to solve the ongoing socio-political crisis in the NW and SW Regions of Cameroon.

“The release of all political prisoners and detainees not charged with violent crimes and held solely because of the Anglophone crisis,” Dr Fomunyoh has once again reiterated his call for an enabling environment for high-level, genuine dialogue to seek long lasting solutions to the crisis.

“An immediate ceasefire and lifting of curfews in the North West and South West regions to restore normalcy, enable youth to resume gainful employment, and facilitate the return of hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons and refugees.

“An immediate end to the killings and destruction of property in the Anglophone regions, and all forms of violence against civilians and security personnel.”

The violence in the Anglophone regions, has killed about 400 people by both the security forces and the armed separatists in a year, Amnesty International says.

The rights group has also recorded more than 260 security incidents since the beginning of the year, ranging from clashes between armed separatists and security forces, kidnappings of members of the general population and the killing of security forces by armed separatists. The incidents also include unlawful killings by the security forces, and the destruction of private properties by both sides.


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