Human Rights Watch alarmed by rights violation in Cameroon

Human Rights Watch has urged the United Nations Human Rights Council to take all necessary steps to end human rights violations and impunity in Cameroon.

“While the Council has several critical situations on its agenda, we are alarmed that the crises in many countries deepen while the Council stands idly by,” Human Rights Watch said Tuesday.

“Violence escalated in Cameroon after protests broke out in 2016, and the authorities responded with rampant rights violations, including arbitrary arrests, torture of detainees, extrajudicial executions, and the burning of homes and property,” Human Rights Watch shared.

Human Rights watch added that the Security council has not taken action to put in place monitoring and reporting or investigations in Cameroon.

Almost all of the countries listed in the report; Bahrain, Egypt, Philippines, Turkey, and Cameroon are sitting Council members, meant to uphold the highest standards of human rights.

The Cameroon government has on several occasions denied reports of human rights violation though saying it will investigate and prosecute any member of the country’s defence and security forces suspected of such crimes.


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