Hysacam calls off strike, returns to work after a week

By Augustine Nyuykongi

Cameroon’s leading waste management company HYSACAM has returned to work after a one-week strike.

Their absence was greatly felt in major cities like Yaoundé and Douala. Accumulated garbage on major roads in the city centers had become a huge concern for the local authorities.

With Cameroon hosting the African Cup of Nations, AFCON2022 in less than 3 months, the return of the sanitation company could not have come in time enough to save the country from possible embarrassments.

Amid the stench and fear of disease, in Cameroon’s two main cities, some citizens said they were struggling to cope with tonnes of trash on the streets.

“We have been living in hell” a market vendor at the central Market in Douala told Gina Informs. “See, this is where we spend most of our day. We come here as early as the sun rises and only return after sun sets. I was already getting sick.”

Workers of Hysacam before now had gone on strike for more than one week. The workers’ complaint of non-payment of wages for close to 3 months.

The management of the company revealed the financial drawbacks in the company were caused by the government’s inability to pay their debts amounting to at least 10 Billion FCFA.

However, following backstage negotiations with the state authorities, the company have this week called off their strike. Sanitation workers of the company have been working tirelessly to clean the cities off their stench.


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