“I am completely dumbfounded by the barbaric treatment meted out to Caristan Isseri” – Akere Muna

A Candidate to the Cameroonian presidential elections in Cameroon, Barrister Akere Muna, has expressed concern about the molestation and brief detention of Caristan Isseri a journalist with le jour newspaper on March 4 2018, on his twitter handler.

Isseri went on coverage at the residence of the former Minister of Transport Mebe’e Ngo, where he was molested and held for several minutes.

Following the communication of the director of the daily “Le Jour,” I am completely dumbfounded by the barbaric treatment meted out to Mr. Caristan Isseri, a young journalist of this daily, the tweet said.

I wouldn’t have thought that the level of impunity that reigns in our country could accommodate such savage acts, added Akere Muna.

He pledged to support le jour newspaper if they needed assistance.

According to local reports the molested journalist is under intensive medical care in Yaoundé. The publisher of Le Jour says he will take a court action.

Many Cameroonians have been talking about the way Isseri was treated, to some he had no right to trespass, especially at a time when the former minister had just been removed from the civil cabinet. To others, he is a daring journalist, and did not deserve to be treated in a poor manner.

This is not the first time a journalist is receiving beatings from a high authority in Cameroon.


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