“I do not see any solution for this crisis, I call on people to pray” Bishop of Mamfe

After visiting the Kembong village following the death of four soldiers who died from clashes with separatists earlier on Monday, December 19, Bishop Nkea Andrew has called on all Christians in Cameroon to pray and seek the face of God. He has sent out a Christmas message to all parishes which was read on pulpits this Sunday, titled “Desperate call for prayer for peace in the Diocese of Mamfe” which will last for 40 days.

“The crisis has led to untold suffering, confusion, abondamment of residential villages by the population, many deaths among the Cameroonian military, civilians and unknown assaillants, and fear among our people,” Bishop Nkea writes.
“It is difficult and almost impossible to imagine how this crisis is going to end.” He went on.
“We therefore call on all catholic Christians, all other Christians and people of goodwill to pray intensely for peace. ”

According to the Bishop, the whole of
Kembong Village has been deserted, leaving just a few people back home. He told the BBC that more than 20 people were beaten
and chased out of their houses. 30 people were in front of the Parish father’s house sleeping with mats.
The man of God confirmed that soldiers set the fire few hours after the four soldiers had been killed.

Several villages are said to have been set ablaze in Cameroon’s English speaking southwestern town of Mamfe after armed separatists attacked military installations and killed four soldiers on Monday. The Cameroon government says it has seized three of the armed separatists’ training camps.

Cameroon’s communication minister and government spokesperson Issa Tchiroma says for the past two weeks, military and armed separatist groups have been involved in bloody conflicts in the English speaking southwestern town of Mamfe on the border with Nigeria


Bishop Andrew Nkea’s message to Catholic Christians.


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